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The pulse of our marketing capabilities starts here.



Navigating the web is an art. We were made to steer the ship.

Our SEO experts know how to maneuver the world of search engines to get your brand a highly-coveted top rank. Their track record speaks volumes in helping our clients gain a stronger reach through meticulous analysis of the market and competitors, content planning and a whole lot of strategizing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a non-profit, a small business startup or on your way to elite Fortune 500 status, we’ll help you outrank the competition, and stay ahead of the pack nationwide.


Web Design

‍Visually speaking, we have a black belt in web design.

Thanks to a skilled team with a creatively attentive eye, we build and reimagine dot coms from the ground up. Our best moves are reflected in Webflow UI/UX. With it, we pull the strongest punches in the business when it comes to:

● Wireframes
● Design (user flows, system diagram, etc.)
● Website Storytelling
● Content Management Systems (CMS)
● Cross Platform (web & mobile)


Design (user flows, system diagram, etc.)

Website Storytelling

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Cross Platform (web & mobile)


Google Ads

We offer the most comprehensive search for your marketing dollar.

For example, paid search campaigns like Google Ads are our gold standard, yielding fast results for your brand’s product or service as a complement to our Search Engine Optimization services. We use a robust plan that targets not only a variety of consumers, but potential B2B prospects when the moment is ripe.


Social Ads

There’s magic to be made in social media.

With over two billion social media users globally, we tap into this rich resource by planning a strong social media strategy to fit your brand—right down to the number of impressions. So you’ll never have FOMO when it comes to identifying the best audiences to engage in the most meaningful conversations.



We take Social Media Optimization to a whole new level.

Our goal is social engagement, and our tool box utilizes the creative efforts needed to turn followers into brand loyalists. We’ll handle your content calendar, posts, social media contests and other social-related activities to help you achieve this goal.


Account Management

We do more than build the road to success—we run with you to the finish line.

Lean on our account management team for all your support needs. They’ll gather requirements, set expectations and track your project’s progress—delivering viable metrics and progress reports while identifying, discussing and solving the issues at hand for each campaign.


Fractional CMO Services

The best brands have a competitive edge. We can help you sharpen yours.

We’ll lend you the skills of Captivate’s Chief Marketing Officer Devin Martin, who will partner directly with your marketing team to set priorities, lead meetings and drive the outcomes that will meet your business goals for each execution and engagement.

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