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League Stock

Leaguestock is a new take on the ever - growing digital sports betting market. Leaguestock is a new kind of fantasy sports game that operates like a stock market for athletes. By role - playing as an agent, you buy low and sell high to build a winning portfolio of your favorite players.

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Rethinking an Experience

Captivate was brought in by leaguestock's lead investor. We were tasked to overhaul the client’s brand design, website, and ui/ux. Once completed with the design phase captivate helped lead leaguestock through a successful beta test campaign where we exceeded our target install / gameplay kpis by leveraging marketing tech automation and targeted outreach through social channels.

Our mission is helping sports fans enhance their love of the game. We do this by offering a fluid and enticing approach to fantasy sports through earning money on high-valued Athletes based on their market performance.