Forza X1

Forza X1 team has been in the marine industry for 25 years, focused on delivering premium, high-quality boats to their customers. As technology progressed and the call for zero-emission vehicles and motors arises, Forza X1 heeds the call by manufacturing premium but sustainable electric boats. As a company that promotes innovation and digitalization, Forza wanted a web-based platform that is aligned with their “digital-first” strategy, making the process of boat buying easy, convenient, and accessible, even in the comfort of their customers’ homes.

Software Development
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Forza X1

The task was to create a sleek and immersive Webflow site for Forza X1. The site needed to incorporate detailed 3D animations of the X1 boats in various colors and models. The 3D animations needed to give viewers a detailed idea of what they would be pre-ordering.

The goal was to create a digital showroom that identifies and optimizes customer touchpoints to improve the customer journey. In addition, the digital showroom will also serve as a marketing tool to further promote their products and services.

The strategy was to create a sleek, modern, and interactive website that 1) introduces and represents the Forza X1 brand,  2) showcases their premium and electric luxury boats, and 3) creates engaging landing pages as an effective lead generation tool to increase user engagement and conversion rates.