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Helping creative ideas succeed

Why We Captivate

Captivate was founded in 2021 by CMG, the creative minds behind Dom & Tom. We saw a marketing need for keeping newly launched products and services active in the marketplace. Our mission is to breathe life into these brands and help them thrive through captivating marketing that includes acquisition strategy, web design, branding, storytelling, tech, e-commerce and much more.

Headquartered in New York, Captivate also has incubator hubs in Miami and Chicago.

Creative Development

We help startups & enterprises define, or in some cases, reimagine their brand from the ground up for maximum impact in the marketplace and beyond.

Marketing & Automation

We have a way of reaching consumers and turning them into loyal customers through strategically-minded digital and automated marketing methods.

Digital Experiences

With a powerhouse team of tech-savvy developers, Martech implementors, and Ui/UX pros, we help envision a dynamic presence on the web, apps that engages audiences.

Partners and Clients

JetPack transforms ideas into startups and startups into industry leaders. Theyhelp killer companies fly through the hoops of institutional investing, maximizing their chances of getting funded. At our core, we're reimagining a capital-raising ecosystem that values innovation over networking

Audacy, Inc. is an American broadcasting company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1968 as Entercom Communications Corporation.

Zhoosh, backed by SoftPoint Cloud, introduces a revolutionarily streamlined approach to stadium hospitality by technologically elevating both provided customer experience and internal operations.

Beyond the


Working with a partner

For us, great work is more than just something to boast about. As an agency team, we enjoy helping startups and entrepreneurs take their ideas, dreams and passions to new heights. Whether it’s launching new products or helping niche brands flourish, we enjoy getting our hands dirty to solve difficult problems. We go in with the vision of knowing we can achieve high-quality results that have the power to change a brand’s trajectory for the better.

The Team

Eli Cohen
Managing Partner
Devin Martin
Chief Executive Officer
Spencer Tahil
Marketing Director
Jade Maddox
Art Director
Lizzie Friedman
Project Manager
Ben Widersky
Operations Manager
Kristen Brock
Junior Project Manager
Steve Mishler
Director of Partnerships
Jack Dore
Creative Project Manager
Madeline Schmidt
General Council

We love what we do

We are builders, turning raw dreams into ripe tech-enabled realities. Our sweet spot is giving new brands the opportunity to hit their stride—creatively, commercially and dynamically. We were born to captivate. No other place can do what we do, the way that we do.

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